STIHL Geschäftsbericht 2018


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Annual Report 2018

Tradition and Transformation

In little more than 90 years, STIHL has transformed from an established member of the German Mittelstand to a global enterprise; from a classic mechanical engineering firm to the market and technology leader for chainsaws and other handheld outdoor power equipment. Our fundamental approach has never wavered: We are a family-owned company that makes it easier for people to work in and with nature. We provide inspiration with innovative products. And we never lose sight of our responsibility to our customers and employees.

Our core values do not just allow STIHL to change and adapt. Change is part of our DNA. We do not rest on our laurels here. We are continuously developing new products, expanding into new markets and growing the breadth and depth of our expertise. We strike the right balance between stability and flexibility, between tradition and innovation, as we strive for sustainable, long-term growth.

Shaping Change

STIHL is changing – from a mechanical engineering firm with its roots in the German Mittelstand to a multifaceted technology leader and global enterprise. Interview with CEO Dr. Kandziora.

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Technical ingenuity, making it easier for people to work in and with nature. No product is more synonymous with this principle than the chainsaw. A timeline of innovation.

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STIHL is and remains a family-­owned enterprise. What does that mean for the 17,000 employees of STIHL Group companies around the world? We talked to some of them to find out.

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Setting a Course

Green becomes orange! Integrating VIKING into the STIHL brand offers huge growth potential. A visit to STIHL Tirol in Langkampfen.

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New Ground

The agricultural industry in Kenya is growing – and with it the desire for high-quality products to boost productivity and make day-to-day activities easier. A report on a unique market with growing demand.

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